Looking for a cool family activity?

How about a workshop for creating your own 3D printed jewelry? For the parents out there, how would you like to wear jewelry or accessories designed by your own child? It’s possible now!

3D Roundhouse is very pleased to offer 3D Printing Workshops!

Join our workshops and we will teach you how to use 3D modeling software where your designs can then be made into a real pieces using industrial 3D printers. You and your children can also make amazing things together using 3D software for 3D Printing; it will be a real unique bonding experience!

Here are the details:

  • Our workshop package covers one adult or one parent and up to two children
  • Students or parents + kids work together to learn 3-D modeling software to produce a physical object, such as a jewelry piece or a small toy, which can also be 3D printed
  • The workshop provide a taste of what will happen when the family returns home to learn how to create MANY other objects on the 3D Roundhouse website. We have three and a half hours of training spread out over 60 videos!
  • Workshop cost is US$120 per participant or participant family
  • All participants need to bring their own laptops
  • After you sign up, we will let you know which free 3D software we will teach you so you can make some small preparations in advance.

Questions: workshop@3droundhouse.com


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