Looking for a fun and cool activity to do with your family?

Want to have your own versions of mementos from your favorite movie or TV show? What’s better than engaging your children and family to build something out of nothing?

Yes.  That’s it.  Designing your own 3D object and print it on a 3D printer.  Capture the excitement of your children when the object materialize in the printer.  It is something you would not like to miss.

3D Roundhouse is very pleased to offer this fun packed Family 3D Printing Workshops!  We share a simple belief: Families can enjoy 3D printing, as a new type of family entertainment.

Bring your family to our workshops and we will teach you how to use the software.   You and your children can make amazing things together using 3D software for 3D Printing.  This is a very good way to work a team.  What’s better than bonding with your children through this kind of activity?

Who knows?  It may be a designer or engineer in the making!

Here are the details:

  • Our family workshop package covers a parent and up to two children
  • Parents and their kids work together to learn 3-D modeling software to produce a physical object, such as a small toy, which can also be 3D printed
  • The workshop provide a taste of what will happen when the family returns home to learn how to create MANY other objects on the 3D Roundhouse website. We have three hours of training spread out over 48 videos!
  • Workshop cost is US$125 per family
  • Parents should bring their own laptops which makes the transition from the workshop to the website easier
  • After you sign up, we will let you know which free 3D software we will teach you so you can make some small preparations in advance.

Questions: workshop@3droundhouse.com


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