Hi Parents!You certainly know the saying I used in the title. It is true that when somebody look at you with a big sincere smile, the reaction is 99% of the time to reply with another smile. Those who know how to use their smile, are more successful than those who don’t…or those who can’t.

Here is an example of one way to solve that problem using a 3D printer. Dental 3D printing is growing rapidly. In a study they just made, guys from TMR (Transparency Market Research) forecast a 17.5% annual growth for the next 6 years in that market.


I found an excellent example to illustrate that point: Smile Direct Club. This company just partnered with HP to set up a huge facility. They will use 49 3D Multi Jet Fusion in order to print up to 20 millions aligners per year (more than 50,000 per day!). This time, for sure, we can talk about 3D printed mass production. This company has already served about half a million people. The growth they forecast in their market will be even more than the forecast from TMR. Good for them!As you can see, things are moving fast. New markets will pop up everywhere while some of the old ways to do business will vanish. The winners will be those who can understand new challenges faster, learn new skills faster and set up new solutions for problems they never had before.
And with a bright smile as a cherry on the cake, they will be even more persuasive.Have a great day!


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