The Brand New Way to be in Fashion in Your Own Way (Round 2)


Parents, do you agree or not that the pace of innovation and change is faster now than one year ago? Do you want a real-life example?

In October last year, I wrote an article about a French shoemaker that wanted to use 3D printers in its stores. The idea was to allow customers to personalize their shoes, more specifically the heel.

Most of these projects never reach retail stores. They are marketing material just to create a buzz. Eram, the French shoemaker, sees it differently. Eram seems to walk the talk (which is quite funny to walk the talk when your core business is the manufacture of shoes 😊 ).


Ladies, if you live in the lovely west part of France (or want to take some holidays there), you can go to the City of Nantes and ask to personalize your own pair of shoes. Using a tablet, you will be able to choose the shape, the color, add or remove some details and validate your own creation. Once printed, you will be able to leave the store wearing a unique pair of shoes. If a few weeks later your taste or your mood has changed, you can get a new pair of unique heels designed by you for just 10 Euro.


Why am I coming back to that story? I want to make it really clear that creativity, critical thinking and imagination will be the kind of skills your children will not have the luxury to live without if they want to enjoy their lives.

Do you want your son to be the guy who opens the gate where you live or work? Do you want your daughter to be the cashier where you buy your morning coffee? I am sure you want something more fulfilling for your loved ones. And you know what? These kinds of jobs will no longer exist once they will have grown up. Automation and artificial intelligence will make people at this level of competency useless. Yes, useless. I am quite confident you will continue your good parenting work and stimulate, encourage and boost your kids as much as you can. I am really extra sure that you don’t want them to get the Universal Basic Income once it will be available.


3D THINKING is more than ever the way to go!


Enjoy your day!

The Brand New Way to be in Fashion in Your Own Way


The 4th Industrial Revolution?

Are you aware of the 4th industrial revolution? Do you know that it is already in progress?

The beauty of it is the way we will consume goods in the years and decades to come. Mass production will concern lesser and lesser products. The factory or manufacturing unit will be much closer to where the market is. Not only will it be in your own country but even closer. It will be in your city or, better, in your neighborhood.


Fashion from Finland

Let’s go back in time a little bit. At the end of the last century, I am sure many of you remember the good old time when, for the first time, it was trendy to change the cover of your mobile phone. It was a fun and simple way to personalize your mobile phone. Nokia, starting with the model 5110 in 1998, manufactured millions of them. Now it is common to buy a cover to personalize and protect your smartphone, whatever the model you use. But it is not yet tailor made to meet your liking.



Manufactured right where you live

Thanks to automation and 3D printing, you will soon be able to consume products made especially for you following your own taste and fantasy. It will not be made on another continent. You will not have to wait weeks to get it. It will be made right in front of your eyes or a few kilometers away. You will get it directly at the store or it will be delivered at the most convenient place for you in a few hours.



Eram revolutionized “mass production” fashion

Am I daydreaming again? Nope. The freshest example is especially for ladies. It comes from a famous French shoe manufacturer: Eram. Working with UniStudio, they created the Atelier 27, which will make it possible to design and print personalized heel’s cover in about 25 minutes. You will be able to design it at will. The minute you walk outside of the store, you will be wearing a unique pair of shoes. Imagine people looking at your new shoes. They will be amazed. You will be able to make the heels of your shoes match your mood, your bag or clothes color.



France is now even more fun for shopping

Staff at Eram says that it would be available in their stores very soon. So, ladies, wake up the designer in you and prepare to have fun shopping in France.

The next step will be to personalize your bags, dresses, jewels, etc. directly in stores. Thanks to 3D printing, the possibilities are endless.


Now is a great time to be alive!


Enjoy your day!