The First Beer that will Make You Smarter

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Would you like your child to become a designer? More specifically a product designer? OK, there are plenty of other activities that you will think about way before that one. But keep in mind that these guys can make your daily life a dream or a hell depending on the way they create and influence the objects and tools we use.


Anyway, I would like you to consider that option for no other reason than the creations of Beer Holthuis. This young product designer from Eindhoven, in the Netherlands, is a genius in many ways. I was very lucky to cross his creative road thanks to his latest invention: a 3D printer.

There are thousands of 3D printers. Some are tiny, medium size or huge (truck size!), printing plastic, metal, ceramic, carbon… You pick the one you want. You don’t have to wait long before new materials are used with 3D printers.


Beer had the great idea to use something most of us use daily and, too often, throw away very fast. He designed a printer able to print with a recycled material and without any heat or sharp edges. I would call its material a Kids Super Friendly Material. Have you guessed Which one is it? Yes! You did it! He uses paper in his printer. But not sheets of paper. It has already been done. And I think it is not as fun and safe as what Beer has set up. He uses chewed paper to print. I am kidding but just a little bit. He creates a paper pulp from regular waste paper mixed with just a little bit of a natural binder. I am quite confident that you could do your own in minutes using some paper you don’t use anymore at home, school or at your office.


Beer found a very efficient way to feed his machine. An electrically powered piston pushes the paper pulp into a plastic hose which is plugged into the printer head. The layers are thick and the finish is quite rough. It gives the 3D printed model a very personal look. Kids would love it (adults too!).

Here is a link to the paper pulp printer on the Beer Holthuis website:

I encourage you to visit his website. You will find a video of this ingeniously great and simple 3D printer. My second favorite in his portfolio is the stackable chair. I would love it as a furniture in my workshop classroom. For the makers among you, the Swimming Object or the Mimicking Friend could be really inspiring (and challenging).

Be sure to show all of that to your kids. They could get some great ideas from Beer Holthuis inventiveness.

Stay creative!


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